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Winnebago County, Illinois
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Genealogy Indexes

Do you have an interest in researching the genealogy records of your relatives in Winnebago County? Would you like to obtain copies of their birth, marriage and death certificates without having to leave your home?

Visit www.genealogy.winnebagocountyclerk.com for more information.

Please note, all certificates purchased online are $12 each.

Under Illinois State law, genealogy records are defined as:
• Birth certificates that are 75 years or older;
• Marriage certificates that are 50 years or older; and
• Death certificates that are 20  years or older

  • Margie M. Mullins, Winnebago County Clerk
  • Vital Records: 815-319-4250
  • Vital Records Fax: 815-969-0259
  • Tax Extension/Redemption: 815-319-4253
  • Elections: 815-319-4252
  • Tax/Election Fax: 815-319-4251
  • 404 Elm Street, Suite 104 - Rockford, IL 61101