• Margie M. Mullins
  • Winnebago County Clerk
Winnebago County, Illinois
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The Tax division of our office provides tax services including annually calculating the rate for various taxing districts by working with taxing authorities and the Board of Review. We make sure that the rates used in calculating taxes are within the legal limits established by law or the vote of the people.

The Clerk also collects all delinquent (past due) taxes from sold properties and issues tax deeds. The tax redemption area of our office computes and collects payments for past due or unpaid taxes.

Call our tax line at 815-319-4253 for questions or more information.

The tax extender can be reached by email at tax.extender@wincoil.us

Sales Tax information from the Illinois Department of Revenue's Sales Tax Rates


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2013 Municipal Tax Rates

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  • Margie M. Mullins, Winnebago County Clerk
  • Vital Records: 815-319-4250
  • Vital Records Fax: 815-969-0259
  • Tax Extension/Redemption: 815-319-4253
  • Elections: 815-319-4252
  • Tax/Election Fax: 815-319-4251
  • 404 Elm Street, Suite 104 - Rockford, IL 61101